Krapina – Trakošćan – Varaždin


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We are taking you on day tour where you will have the opportunity to see the northern part of Croatia. First up on the agenda is the town of Krapina,  which is the administrative center of Krapina-Zagorje County.  Krapina is known since 1193. It has always been a favorite site for castles and country houses of Croatian and Hungarian rulers. In 1899, on a hill called Hušnjakovo, near modern Krapina, archaeologist and paleontologist found over eight hundred fossil remains belonging to Neanderthals.
On the site there is also a museum called Kraneamus, it has won multiple awards, and it is the world most famous foudning  site of Neanderthals.  It is protected as the first paleontology monument to nature in Croatia.

As we continue  our travel you will see one of the most beautiful castles in northern Croatia, Trakošćan. It was home to the family of Drašković. There you will pass through the castle, and later you can take a walk on the lake that is next to the castle.

Last but not least is Varaždin, which was once upon a time a capital city of Croatia. Due to Ottoman raids, the town was structured defensively around the old fortress, and acquired the shape of a typical medieval town. There we will have a walk trough the beutifull baroque core of the city and try local delicates.

Return to the starting point is expected in evening hours.

Price: on request

Tour organizator: Žvižduk putovanja