Plitvice lakes – Smiljan –Senj


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We are taking you on a day tour where you will visit Plitvice lakes. It is one of the oldest national parks in Southeast Europe and largest national park in Croatia. You can experience the beauty of all of it’s sixteen unique lakes regardless of the time season. It is the perfect picture that was molded by nature itself over the centurys and it is absolutley breathtaking.  You will have the opportunity to see all of it beauty first hand.  Also included is a boat ride on the river Kozjak where you will learn more about the lakes.

After Plitvice, we are taking you to Smiljan, it is a small village with a population around 500 people in the mountainous region of Western Lika.  The oldest traces of settlement on the ground of Smiljan are dating from the Middle and late Bronze Age. Hillfort Miljac was  once necropolis. But Smiljan is famous for something else. That little village in the mountain is the birth place of Nikola Tesla, there you can see where the genius grew up . Nikola Tesla was an inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicst and futurist who is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC)  electricity supply system.  A memorial center was opened in  2006 in his honor.

Our last stop is city of Senj,  an old town on the upper Adriatic coast that dates to 4th century BC. Senj or as the Romans called it, Senia, was a thriving town in the Roman province of Dalmatia, and was used as a stronghold against the Illyrians.  In Senj you will see the symbol of the town fortress Nehaj which was completed in 1558.

Return to the starting point is expected in evening hours.

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Tour organizator: Žvižduk putovanja